Digital Khichuri Challenge

Even though Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in ensuring a more equitable society, online abuse and harassment runs rampant, driving women to quit social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In this edition of DKC we will focus our attention on the issue of online abuse and harassment faced by women, and how the youth can formulate digital solutions that will help to dismantle this divide. We are seeking to shed light on the core reasons behind the abuse and work towards making a more peaceful, tolerant digital space where women feel welcome, women empowerment.


Due to the overwhelming abuse and harassment faced by women in the digital space, they are being driven to quit the social media platforms. How can we educate men enough to make a behavioral change and find a way to create a safer digital space for women?

What are we looking for in your idea?

  • The solutions need to be developed with the following in consideration: the idea should a) help prevent women from being harassed online or b) create a network that can support women while they are being harassed real-time or c) create a system that helps them to identify and act against the perpetrators.
  • Actions of online harassers, trolls etc. lead to an online space where women do not feel safe or welcomed. Your campaign or project should help create an environment where women feel safe online.
  • The campaign/project should help raise awareness against harassment that women face online through digital campaign/advocacy or focus on creating a safe space for them.
  • Your campaign/project must be pragmatic and feasible, which can be implemented at the individual, group or national level.
  • Your campaign/project must clearly indicate how women online will be benefitted from it being implemented and how and what the potential outcome of that will be.
  • It is necessary to clearly explain how the campaign/project will have a long-term impact. Whether it is an ongoing project or developing a campaign to tackle this issue, a little research goes a long way. Anything proposed that is backed by data and is able to show its impact, would have a greater chance at succeeding.

Don’t limit your ideas to this list. We want your ideas to be as unique and creative as you.