Digital Khichuri Challenge

The COVID 19 outbreak is not just a health crisis, but a crisis which builds on pre-existing economic and social challenges and divisions. Under emergency conditions, where significant time, resources and attention is being put towards combatting the health crisis and its economic fallout, social issues including discrimination, social stigma and (domestic) violence can be overlooked. Disinformation, fake news, hate speech and cyber bullying remain real challenges with real-world consequences. Fortunately, social media platforms also provide opportunities to promote social integration and peaceful coexistence through appreciation and awareness.

The upcoming Digital Khichuri Challenge will focus on means of addressing online incitement against two groups: COVID patients and frontline medical workers. These two have been selected given that discrimination and stigmatization against both groups can have a potentially serious impact on Bangladesh’s ability to manage and recover from COVID-19.


Due to the discrimination and degrading attitude towards frontline fighters and corona affected, there is an increase in social instability and enhanced emotional distance. How can we prevent people from behaving in such a derogatory And degrading manner?

What are we looking for in your idea?

  • The solution needs to be developed with two groups in mind: Corona frontliners (doctors, medical professionals, law enforcement) and Corona-affected patients and their families who are subjected to various forms of social stigma and aggression.
  • People are always more afraid of the unknown and from that fear, stems a violence instinct within them. Your idea or project will help people overcome that fear of the unknown.
  • The idea should help eliminate divisions, stigmatization and hatred, both offline and online.
  • Your idea must be realistic and practical, which will be applicable at the individual, group or national level.
  • Your project or idea must clearly indicate who will be benefitted, how, and what the potential outcome will be.
  • It is necessary to clearly explain how the projects will have a long-term impact. Whether it's a business plan or creating a new market or assessing the market for the service you would like to introduce by identifying a relevant sector through research. The applies for advocacy work or educational ideas. Keep in mind that the more impact your project is able to have, the greater the chances of the project succeeding.

Don’t limit your ideas to this list. We want your ideas to be as unique and creative as you.